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Doesn't look as bad as I expected for a "family friendly" Aragorn game... Maybe Headstrong Games can work their magic into a project like this, even though it's completely unlike The Houst of the Dead: Overkill. Battallion Wars 1 & 2 were quite cute yet looked and played great after all.

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I guess it doesn't look bad...
I just wish game developers would stop milking beloved fantasy literature for cheap games (yes, it does look like a low-production value title). What's this coming to? I might have to check it out, if only to see how faithful they remain to the books.

EDIT: Sounds like they actually got Sean Astin to do some voice work. That's a plus.

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looks gay as hell

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It looks happy?

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That just looks terrible, actually makes me hate the LotR franchise even more, never thought that was possible.

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It looks like a decent Zelda clone to me... Many things could go wrong (controls, pace, size, scope, length, difficulty etc) still but for now it seems ok (if you throw out any expectations you may have for canon continuity, and if it's really a Zelda clone and not a short level based hack & slash).

The visuals are clearly low end but have a robust style to them, kind of like World of Warcraft, and it seems to throw many enemies at you so... Nice.
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Yeah it doesn't bother me at all.  Better than those kiddy cash-ins they do for just about every Disney movie ever released.  It sounds like they got some of the real voice actors, so that is a plus, I like the art style and they have a lot to work with.  I think it could turn out pretty decent.
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This game's now coming to the PS3 with Move support as well. So, Wii, PS3, PS2, PSP, and DS. I wonder why no 360 version will be available (since it will have classic controls on the PS2, they could easily onvert that setup). Oh well, hardly a loss, as neat as it might end up (not?) being.

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Visuals remind me of WoW.

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John-Rhys Davies. Scholarly voice. Has to be a dwarf. And the other star is Chubby Sean Astin.

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