Just about to start playing for the first time. Care to join?

#1 Posted by t1mpl4r (19 posts) -

Since it's now free to play I though I'd check it out. It would be great to have some people to play with. Anyone care to join?

#2 Posted by Bobdaman18 (721 posts) -

I can't decide whether im gonna play or not, could you post the server you plan on joining and ur name on it when u got one, just in case i end up playing.
#3 Posted by t1mpl4r (19 posts) -
@Bobdaman18:  Yep just about to do all that ill let you know 
#4 Posted by JJWeatherman (14797 posts) -

I started a character for the first time about a week ago. I'm on a server called Gladden if I remember correctly. Haven't played a whole lot so far, but I still plan to.

#5 Posted by t1mpl4r (19 posts) -

I'm Graheim on the brandywine server. 

#6 Posted by t1mpl4r (19 posts) -

well on second thought. f this. its not what i want to play. sry gents

#7 Posted by BionicMonster (1043 posts) -
@t1mpl4r said:
" well on second thought. f this. its not what i want to play. sry gents "
LMAO thats exactly what I said after playing it for 10 minutes.
#8 Posted by GT-Man (120 posts) -

Whats the game?

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