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MMORPG for the single-player story enthusiast 2

Lord of the Rings Online is often maligned for it's "WoW-ness" (as in World of Warcraft) and it's true.  Game mechanics are eerily similar in the two games, and that's to LOTRO's credit, as it feels familiar and easy to pick up for the novice or World of Warcraft convert.  Although it shares a lot in common with its more popular cousin, LOTRO takes a different path than WoW, embarking instead on a story-based rather than mechanics-based game system.Everything in the game is steeped in the lore, ...

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Breathtaking. Just give it a chance. Download the trial. 1

I really dont understand the occasional bad reviews you see said about this game. Ive been into RPGs for years, as for MMOs, i was a WoW fanboy since its release, I loved Guildwars and dabbled in WAR. I went back to WoW recently to play the expansion and thought it was ok but i just felt that id been there, done that. Every place you go theres some ogres that all live in the same rehashed caves, theres scorpions that you need to kill 20 of etc etc. Its sad really because i remember how much i us...

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Old Review: Lord of the Rings Online 0

It's the real deal, a true heavy weight in the current generation of MMORPGS, it joins the ranks of World of Warcraft, Everquest 2 and Guild Wars, arguably the top of the food chain in the current MMORPG subscriber wars. I've played every mainstream MMORPG since the original launch of everquest (I did go back and play some Ultima Online also) and after 15+ years of playing video games I know when something feels right, and Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) isnt perfect and wont rake in the uber ...

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LoTRO is a great game filled with goodies 0

Lord of the Rings Online is a worthy competitor to the popular World of Warcraft series.  Depending on what satisfies your taste-buds, LoTRO can probably deliver.    The  world, Middle Earth, created by J.R. Tolkien is displayed beautifully in the game, allowing for deep immersion and amazing story possibilities.  The level grind is not hard at all, so if it's a challenging grind you are in search for you may want to try the trial first.  There is plenty of End-game though, as well as many craft...

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The lost chapter 0

From a pure fantasy literature lover's perspective, Lord of the Rings Online is a stunningly well-crafted game.  The developers make every attempt to keep to the nuances of Middle-Earth lore as written both in the primary novels and the Silmarillion, as well as taking some small, smartly written liberties to expand the world and make it into a full-fledged game beyond just the realm of the Fellowship.  It's not entirely successful as a game, however.  The game sticks mostly to a tired MMO formul...

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Bad Taste 8

There are some things in mmo's and large RPG games that should never take place, and features that should be in every game in some way, shape, or form. These features should be in the game before it is released..And this is how I start my review of LOTRO, bitter, angry and generally pissed? Yep. I wanted to get my girlfriend into mmo's and I pick this one based on the rave reviews people gave it. Not having arrows on the maps, directions, or otherwise anything indicating where to go, left the wo...

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The best MMORPG I have ever played, hands down. 0

Hello all,LOTRO is by no means a "next generation" MMO or the "holy-grail" of all MMORPG's the fickle player base constantly looks for (probably because it will never exist, but I digress).  What is LOTRO: a masterpiece of the traditional MMORPG model set in the all time best and most original fantasy world ever created.I'll get the few cons out of the way first:- A lot of fellowship (group) dependancy in early book quests.- An overall light emphasis on PvP.- No groundbreaking classesThat's it r...

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Great social elements and a massive world to explore. Great! 1

This game is really good. Infact, I would say its quality is the same as World of Warcraft. And I have played World of Warcraft for 3 years. Now I've moved on to find another game, and this seems to be the perfect antidote for my World of Warcraft addiction. But I think that antidote has a side effect. It makes me addicted to Lord of the Rings Online. And its because of all the cool things about this game:Graphics: I mean, this has to be the prettiest MMORPG out there. Only 1 game can top it. Ev...

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Simply brilliant. 2

Just the fact of running free in Middle Earth and fighting orcs gives this game an atmosphere that distinguishes it from any other MMO, and all that energy is revitalized by outstanding visual design and and brilliant sound effects.Really so far no other game might rival this one in its visual design but Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, and still LOTRO's mind-blowing sound effects leave any competition in the dust. Many people who have ever read the book or love the movies have probably dreame...

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