Skirmishes : Nice little innovation

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I know that we're very few guys playing LotrO here at Giantbomb so there's probably a lot of you guys that know Turbine came up with a nice little innovation with its latest LotrO expansion, and its called Skirmishes.
 The idea here is simple, Turbine wanted to give players who didn't had 4 hours to invest in a gaming session to have something they could finish quickly and get rewarded for it. I've read that they called it "Pop-corn" internally, because its quick and fun and if you liked that, why not try another?
Ok so it goes like this : In your menu, starting at level 30, you get the Skirmish menu that contains a few scenarios, depending on what you've completed on the main story of the game. Those skirmishes can be launched from anywhere in the game and creates an instance with objectives to do. It feels like a battleground game from WoW, except its PvE. Its automatically scaled to your level and you can do those alone or with people. 
For example, there's one where you're on top of Amon Sul, the place where Frodo gets stabbed by a Nazgul in the book, and you're with a ranger from the epic storyline and you have to survive 3 waves of ennemies with him. Its about 20 minutes long and during this time you get points, kinda like the battleground points from wow, that you can eventually trade for stuff back in the major cities of LotrO. Anything from skills to armor to weapons.
Let me tell you, this changes the overall portrait of the game way more than i thought it would. Now you can totally stop from questing and just do those, grind points, spend them and go back to what you were doing. Its also a great way to level up because its a pretty significant source of XP.
If you ever played LotrO in the past, you should check it out. I havent seen the end game content of Mirkwood yet but just with the Skirmishes, its already worth the look.

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Read about this on LOTRO's website when I was prowling for a new MMO. Sounds really cool, and if it facilitates actual game play in an MMORPG, then it can only mean good things.

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It really came out as a surprise for me, I expected this thing to be some kind of little feature no one would use but right now, when i'm playing, im punctuating my sessions with skirmishes here and there and let me tell you, the XP is pretty good in those, I even suspect it might be faster to level this way.
Simply put, i'm back in Lotro right now and I dont think i'll go anywhere else for my mmo needs for the next few months.

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