The second best RTS of all time.

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           We all love Starcraft. It sits alone alone atop the majesty that is RTS greatest.
But, who is its successor? Some might say Red Alert, others Command and Conquer. But, I gleefully break from the curve by announcing Battle for Middle Earth 2 the second best RTS of all time.

           Before you throw tomatoes at me, I ask, have you played it? If not, feel free not to argue. In the rare case that you have, think back... The music was perfectly orchestrated and synced to every unit-based decision. The care taken, when any unit was moved or used in combat was astonishing. The soundtrack was in my opinion is the best in the history of gaming (granted with cinematic'ly-derived help). The unit responses, were incredibly deep and inexplicably based on the situation, if you were headed back to your base, your units would say as much, if they were overwhelming an enemy, both the unit-response and the music would affix themselves to that reality.

           But, it doesn't end there. The combat was not only beautifully realized with clever animations, but populated with units that were painstakingly ripped from the pages the evasive Tolkien lore. Each unit drips with not only personality, but also authenticity. At not point do you feel like you're playing the translation of a book to code, but that you're playing the inevitable realization of what Tolkien meant when he wrote of the Three-Army-War.

          Not only this, but your units work along side the most well thought out heroes in RTS history. Most of the time, heroes are either rush bots, or they are overbearingly HP'd units. In LOTR BFME 2 they are not only your best units, they are also the hinge on which war swings. At any moment Heroes can win or loose you the battle. But, in this same way, the earned-powers of the player, provide him with the power to destroy worlds.

         Some RTS matches can at times last forever, with forces equally strong, lead by commanders of equal skill, in which a distant resolution is their only hope for reprieve. Not only does LOTR BFME 2 cultivate this feeling, it also brings its resolution home quicker, and more cinematic'ly than any RTS in recent memory.

        In a war this grand, no aerial bombing would suffice, only summoned Watchers, Rohirrim, and dragon gods would suffice. No game in RTS history has taken as much pleasure in wiping entire armies off the map as LOTR BFME 2. The game can change on the width of a dim, and swing back on the swiftness of a click. Is this unfair to the overly skilled? Probably, but is it intoxicatingly fun? Yes.

        Is it the most refined, balanced RTS of all time? No. But, you will never forget the experience you had with the forgotten masterpiece of the RTS genre. Do yourself a favor and play it. Just so you don't think I am saying this as a declaration  of absolute fact...

What is your favorite RTS of all time?

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yes, but only if you're into lord of the rings.

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Agreed, if you think LOTR is a huge douche-fest. Don't even bother, you'll end up with nothing more than a huge vomit cleansing.

#4 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

I played this game (though on the 360) and I wouldn't call it the second best RTS at all, not by a long shot.

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I will qualify my statement by saying that I am by no means a RTS buff. I also am biased towards it cause I am right into the source material. But I have this game and it is one of the very few games of this genre that I can enjoy for extended periods of time. So for me it would be right up there as one of the best. I agree.

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It seems too much to rely on the 'lolunits hundreds of them' system.
Still, my personal favourite RTS was and will remain AoE2.

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I've always hated Starcraft.  I just don't get the love for that game.  Pretty much any high quality RTS beats it by a mile.

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Kush -- The RTS's so far released on consoles,  pail in comparison to their PC versions. Huge bouts of slow down, menus that are difficult to navigate, and stripped content really muddy the experience. My statement was based on the PC version. However, I played the 360 version, it was at best a 7.5.

Shadow -- To each his own my friend. I can't imagine not liking Starcraft, but hey I hate Fallout 3 (Oblivion 2), so I really can't judge.

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I play PC RTS games too, but didn't bother with LOTR because it never looked that interesting and the 360 version didn't interest me. It's an alright game, but nowhere near the second best of all time.

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No. That's all I have to say to this. I've played it on the PC, and on console. It's entertaining, but it's not even close to any sort of "Best _______ of all time" title, except for maybe Best of the insane amounts of mediocre LOTR games of all time.

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It's probably one of my Favorite RTS's. The fact that I can look at my 60-something pile of games and it stands out as something I want to play, but cant because I have to play some other crap I bought is pretty amazing. That and enchanted arms.

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How could you forget me, dude!?
This is pretty much my favourite RTS. Simple, fun and addictive so yeah: Awesome.
Not really into hardcore RTS gaming because I find them pretty unapproachable and i'm basically intimidated to even try to play them, but this was probably the most fun i've had with one.

Dune 2, Warcraft and Age of Empires 2 are all up there, though.
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It's really fun and one of my most played RTS's (on 360) but it's definately not one of the best games ever. My main problem actually disagrees with one of your points, seeing as I find this game really stale-matey and games can sometimes last forever---it's the only game I've ever played a multiplayer match in that lasted over four hours.

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         As much as I disagree with someone judging this game, based on its Xbox 360 gameplay performance, I think that the fact that you could play a RTS on a console for 4 hours + on a console, is proof enough that it has some semblance of quality, even when it is reduced to it's least relevant form.

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