This walkthrough is for the PC, Xbox and Playstation 2.


There are three paths through the game, and more than one must be completed to unlock the final two missions, The Black Gate and The Crack Of Doom.

The Path Of The Wizard

Helm's Deep

This is a basic tutorial level.

Unlocks: Film Concept Art & Hobbits on gaming.

The Road to Isengard

Run through the early paths, getting used to blocking and countering, and making plentiful use of spells. There will be archers placed in elevated positions, and any time during this level you see anything that looks remotely like a wagon, immediately shoot it, because it will explode, making your life easier.

The first main challenge is the grove with the Ents - you have to kill 75 orcs and goblins to protect the tree folk. This isn't as bad as it sounds because the Ents kill more than their fair share, even if you die, the checkpoint will bring you right back here.

Once you've killed 75 orcs and goblins run into the new path, watching out for quick-firing archers, until another explosive wagon marks the beginning of a dangerous section. Shoot the carts on the other side of the river to topple the towers, and kill the orcs on this side too. Beyond the bridge on the left is a spell refuel, and just down the hill to the right is your final task.

You have to help the Ent destroy he watermill. You will be distracted by an infinite swarm of enemies, but your priority is to make sure the Ent doesn't catch fire. Archers will appear on the ledge beghind him, so shoot those with spells when you get the chance. You can also shoot the beams to give him a hand, but your damage will be negligible.

Unlocks: Chrsitopher Lee interview.

Minas Tirith - Top Of The Wall

This level is very similar to one of the levels in the last LoTR game,and the goals are the same. Kill the invaders and kick the ladders away from the wall. When you see a glowing circle press R1 to perform an action.

Aside from the main section of the wall that you need to patrol constantly, you can run up the stairs on the left to find a catapult that you can use to open fire, but only do this when you get a flashing red dot - a siege tower. It takes two shots to destroy one, and you can only target ones that appear on the left. The right-hand ones need to be spell-blasted.

The towers disgorge dozens of orcs, so make destroying them top priority.

Minas Tirith - The Courtyard

A constant stream of shrieking women pour from various directions in the doorway behind you. The mission will end when the 200th woman passes through, but naturally there are swarms of orcs, goblins, and assorted scum trying to kill them.

Don't touch the two spear racks for the time being, or destroy either of the two barrels, even though they contain health pick-ups. You'll need all that at the end of the level. Us e whatever upgrades you have purchased to take out groups of enemies if you can, and regularly check the back of the courtyard for archers.

After about half way, you'll get Uruk hai with a green health bar. Make sure to block their attacks, the soften them up with a couple of fierce attacks. They aren't the worst you'll face. When the 150th woman runs through the door, three Cave Trolls will stomp into the courtyard. Now is the time to use those spears because they are a one-hit kill against the big lugs. Make sure you aim carefully (the current target will glow green). More trolls will arrive to take the place of the ones you've killed.

At this point it's a matter of trying to survive while killing all the enemies that swarm you.

Unlocks: Ian McKellen interview.

The Path Of The King

Paths Of The Dead

This level is pretty straightforward, killing Spectres until you reach the circular area with several paths. Go right, killing spectres until you reach a boulder you can topple onto more undead below. Run back around to the left and take the lower path for a health pick-up, then take the higher path on the left to continue on.

When you get to a drawbridge, tug on it three time to lower it - killing the three archers is optional, since you van run up that ramp they're on in a bit. Keep wading through the mist, hacking away, through the room with collapsed pillars, up the bone ladder, kill the tougher spectre, then into the statue room.

Kill all opposition and topple the statue to make an impromptu bridge. You can't get through the gate yet, so run under the bridge and kill the spectres before using another wheel. You'll end up on a long bridge in a huge cavern, and your last task is to kill 35 spectres.

Unlocks: Game concept art.

King Of The Dead

The first boss fight for this plot thread - the King Of The Dead himself. A word to the wise: when he rises up out of the ground, he spins and slashes with his sword, and it's unblockable. First he will summon four spectral warriors, then he will summon 4 spectral archers, engaging you in hand-to-hand in between.

He will slash at you three times , so block, the use Orc Hewer ( X, X Triangle). He has an awful lot of health, but you don't have to take that much off before he changes attack pattern. He now summons a blast of wind to attack you from afar. You can hide behind a rocky outcrop, but it will eventually crumble.

If you face him, he also unleashes a combo of melee attacks - this time five slashes, so block, then counter as you did before. He will keep summoning, first four shielded spectral warriors, then two shield and two archers.

Next, the camera angle will shift and he'll blast you with wind again. Luckily, there's a boulder with some ammo behind it, so you can duck out and rain point death upon him when he pauses for a breather. The pattern begins again, still with the five-hit combo, but his first summon is two spectral archers and two of those warriors with health bars.

After the net summon - a spectral warrior, a super spectral warrior, and two spectral archers - he'll go back to hurling mountain wind. Hide and shoot, and by this time he should be dead. But that's not all, now you've got to run all the way out again as the place collapses.

The Southern Gate

Run up to the gates to trigger the appearance of a Troll, then quickly run back and throw a spear at him before too many troops swarm in and get in the way. You need to trigger all three catapults to progress.One of them shoots the troll on top of the wall, the other two destroy a tower, forming a bridge. You don't have to kill any of this crowd, but it helps if you want maximum experience.

Run up the ladder and shoot the sides of the elephant to stop the orcs firing at you. Kill everything that moves, then open the gates using a wheel. You can pour boiling pitch onto the enemies below before heading down, mopping the rest up, and finishing this surprisingly short level.

Unlocks: Film production stills.

Pelennor Fields

After a fairly dull, routine slaughter of 60 enemies, you need to start dealing with armored Mumakils. Kill the first one you see asap, then run down the slope to the bottom left, and up the other side. Take care of the second Mumakil, run left, kill the lone orc as quickly as you can, and pepper the Witch King with arrows until he draws away.

From here on in, the Mumakil's appear on random sides of the battlefield - make sure you know which side you're on. After a short time the Witch King will descend again, and shooting him full of arrows is top priority. But don't ignore enemies that attack you because they'll disrupt your crucial shots.

The Path Of The Hobbits

Escape From Osgiliath

Follow Gollum around the battlefield, going up the stairs and down the ladders, using the way the camera pans automatically around to guide your path. You can't afford to dally too much in open air because the Nazgul on the Fell Beast will be drawn to the ring, and if the red circle is complete, it's game over.

When you reach what appear to be a dead end, run up the stairs and press R1 to topple the bell down the stairs, crushing some hapless orcs and opening a new route. Only kill the orcs when the Nazgul is overhead, and move quickly.

You'll end up in the sewers, and a barred gate with a tough fight in front of it. Kill the grunts first, then use fierce attacks to eventually knock some armor from the corpulent body of the leader. Once vulnerable, he's little trouble.

You need to winch that wheel about three time, and when you run through, that's the end of the level.

Unlocks: Sean Astin interview.

Shelob's Lair

It's a bit of a maze, but fairly easy to find your way through. You'll need to use the carefully positioned torches to scatter the carpet of small spiders and set fire to a web, then you'll reach a camp of orcs. Sneak past them seeing you, then use the torch in the next passageway to set fire to the waiting orcs and spiders.

Shortly afterwards Sam will tell you, "I can't sneak pass that", so head up the ramp to the right, fling a torch at the hanging cocoon, then wander up and press R1 to create a rockslide on top of your helpless foes. Just pass that is a narrow bridge, which signifies your first glimpse of Shelob, and a precious checkpoint.

There are some pretty straight forward torch/spider carpet puzzle bits after this. After you get through the big webbed-up tunnel entrance, there will be yet more spiders, the last checkpoint, and Shelob herself. You can block her foreleg stabs easily enough, and respond with the strongest combo you have.

She will circle around you nimbly, but keep your composure. After dealing a certain amount of damage, you will stab one of her eyes clean out, she leaps up onto a ledge and you'll be attack by a group of spiders. After killing them Shelob returns, when she leaps down, run put of the way - it's an unblockable attack.

Luckily if she misses, it stuns her temporarily, giving you a free combo, so just rinse and repeat until she is dead.

Unlocks: Elijah Wood interview.

Cirith Ungol

Deal with the first room of enemies as you see fit - the brazier is there to be utilized, of course. Once more, use fierce attack to knock the armour from the big fat orc, then dispatch him a usual. Press R1 at the end of the room to lower the ramp, and fight your way through the civil war that has erupted.

There are different routes to take - head left to get to a busy room with a green health pick-up in it, but straight on is a flight of stairs. If you take a left from these, you'll end up with the chance to pour boiling pitch over dozens of orcs, which is always nice, then head back to the stairs and keep going up.

At the top is a rope you can cut to send a huge wooden candelabra crashing down below, annihilating the combatants. Get ready to defend yourself from immediate attack. You should be at least three quarters of the way to your 80 deathcount total, so head downstairs and bear right, into a new hall.

Duck and weave through the throng, activating the ramp (and crushing a few more skulls), before running up and heaving a barrel to the floor below, setting off an explosion and completing your first task. The orcs start retreating, and the next stop is the huge ballista, guarded by an armoured orc. Take him out, set off the bolt, and run up the now cleared path to the tower for a checkpoint.

There's a kind of a sub-boss here, with a shield. You have to make plentiful use of the two pike stands here. One to destroy his shield, a second to stun him. Use your best combo to knock him down - don't forget to follow up with an R2 stab, so just rinse and repeat until he is dead.

Final Levels

The Black Gate

You can choose from any of the characters you've controlled, so - obviously - choose the most powerful one. As an appetiser, the Mouth of Sauron sub-boss challenges you in front of the gates. He doesn't have and special trick up his sleeve, so it's basically a walkover.

Basically, it's you and a handful of others against every orc ever. They will pour over the brow of the hill in crashing waves, and you have to use every advantage you can to keep them at bay. Most of them can be taken out with a few slashes, and the archers can be shot.

You have a brazier and some pikes to use too, so make sure you do - especially when the big brutes appear, the ones with health bars. Your first task is to kill six of them, and the pikes are the easiest way. Additionally, the mission fails if any of the fellowship die, so protect them at all costs. They will heal, slowly, in quiet moments.

Shortly after killing the third brute, you'll get the impression that they are going to attack from all sides. Don't worry about that too much, just concentrate on finding the brutes and spearing them with the pikes. Once you've killed all six you're done. Only kidding.

Now you have to face three Nazgul. If you've played the first game you'll remember that the key is fire. Set them aflame and throw pikes through them like a mad thing, then hack them into pieces.

The Crack of Doom

You don't have any choice who you play - the first time around at least. You have to lure Gollum to the edge, then knock him into the crack of doom using fierce strikes, then press R2 to dislodge him until he finally tumbles in for good. It's a surprisingly simple level, but he will do heaps of damage.

Unlocks: Palantir of Saruman (Bonus Level) Billy Boyd interview, Dom Monaghan interview, Andy Serkis interview and David Wenham interview.

Cheat codes

Cheat codes for Playstation 2

Pause the game and hold down R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 to get 1,000 exp for the relevant character.

  • Aragon: Up, Square, Triangle, X.
  • Frodo: Up, Triangle, Up, Down.
  • Gandalf: Circle, Triangle, Up, Down.
  • Gimli: Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square.
  • Legolas: X, Triangle, Up, X.
  • Sam: Triangle, X, Down, X.

Complete the game, then restart it, pause and hold down R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 when in a level.

  • All upgrades: Up, Down, Triangle, Square.
  • Always devastating: Triangle, Down, Triangle, Up.
  • Infinite ammo: Square, Square, Up, Circle.
  • Invulnerable: Square, Circle, Square, Down.
  • Perfect mode: Circle, Up, Triangle, Down.
  • Restore health: Square, Square, Circle, Circle.
  • Target indicator mode: Up, Circle, Down, Square.

Cheat codes for Xbox

Pause the game and hold down L + R to gain 1,000 exp for the relevant character.

  • Aragorn: Up, X, Y, A.
  • Frodo: Y, B, B, B.
  • Gandalf: B, Y, Up, Down.
  • Gimli: B, B, Y, A.
  • Legolas: A, Y, Up, A.
  • Sam: Y, A, Down, A.

Complete the game, restart it, pause then hold down L + R when in a level.

  • All upgrades: Up, Down, Y, B.
  • Always devastating: Y, Up, Y, Down.
  • Infinite Ammo: X, X, Down, B.
  • Invulnerable: X, B, X, Up.
  • Perfect mode: B, Down, Y, A.
  • Restore health: X, X, B,B.
  • Target indicator mode: Down, B, Up, X.

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