Got a chance to play a demo of this at PAX East

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I hadn't even heard of this game, but I saw it on the show floor at PAX East and had to play it. Graphics look good, combat seems fun, online multiplayer... and loot! Seems pretty awesome to me. Also, it's apparently the first LotR game with an M rating which allows for a bit of blood and gore. Couldn't hurt, I suppose.  

Unless I hear some significantly negative things near its release date, I'm pretty much sold. 
I know it's being developed by Snowblind, but I haven't played any of their other games so I can't really say how it compares to Dark Alliance or Champions. 
edit: btw, the guy running the demo said the release date was Q4 2011.

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Thanks for the comments. I liked Dark Alliance. I didn't know about this game until I browsed today. It's on my watch list now.

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Just saw the trailer on the site, can this be played single player or is it MMO style? (the 'multiplayer game' bit threw me off). I'm presuming it is probably more Borderlands-esque, where you can play it single player but it is better multi-player

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think im passing on this one

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@Captain_Insano: I think it's level-based. The demo I tried was pretty linear. And there is offline play.

But I gotta say, the trailers they've been putting out since I first saw the game have been pretty bad : /
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@Kyle: yea it looks fairly mediocre. I would be happy though with a competent, if mediocre Lotr game. Seems like a good game to read reviews for, play demo (if there is one) or rent briefly before buying
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As long as it's not poor, I would like to get this game. It has been a long time since the Return of the King hack 'n' slash.

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Sadly, I think this is going to be a great game that no one ever buys. Which is a shame, since LOTR deserves a good dam game given how much of an influence it has had on the industry.

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I'll be watching this, thanks for the opinions and comments. I think it looks great.

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Man I feel like I'm the only one that's excited about this game, no one ever talks about it but when it's mentioned nothing bad about it is ever said. I'm going to pick this up on day 1 probably.

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I am very excited for it, but I want to see some pure gameplay videos (not vignettes or dev run throughs) or play a demo.
It looks very fun but...yeah...I need confirmation!
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Yea I saw some class/gameplay trailers on rockpaper shotgun the other day; you can check them out at Game looks great to me and I don't think it's getting enough exposure, they need a better marketing team. I'm tentatively going to buy it on OnLive for only 35 bucks since I leave my OnLive in my office with my gaming PC. I try not to play very violent games around my daughter in the living room(where my ps3 is). I'll might buy it on PC though...haven't decided yet. either way it looks like a great game that's not getting enough exposure. I hope they mention it on the bombcast more when it is out.

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@excido: Those I meant.
Seen those and while they look good (enough) for a hack n slasher, I'd like to see a quick look type of deal.
Pure gameplay, some menu's, no dev telling me its awesome.
This probably won't be an insane sleeper hit, but its looking like good fun in a genre we need more co op in!
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I'm really curious about this one, not too optimistic after The Cursed Crusade being really bad though.

#15 Posted by GloriousDinosaur (461 posts) -

I am truly cautiously optimistic

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Looks like it picked a bad month for release, what with all the neat games commin' out soon.

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@kerse: I really like that game actually :P

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