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From the MK Deception Krypt: "This cliff side arena lies on the outer edge of the Golden Desert. Centuries ago, giant caverns were dug in the mountainside where statues were placed. A new community came here after a deep water well sprung, creating an oasis."

Death Traps

The Lower Mines arena of Outworld has 3 seperate Death Traps, making this the second deadliest stage of the Franchise.

  • The large metal beast mouth in the stage slams shut on the combatant thrown into it, perforating their midsection and spurting their blood from its nostrils.
  • The floor drops away suddenly at one end of the arena, the player struck while on that precipice will fall into a molten bath.
  • An enormous spinning cylinder willingly accepts those combatants tossed its way. This large spinning iron "pine cone" mashes the combatant to bits and pieces.

The Jaws of ... Death?
Watch your step there...
When pinecones attack


Artwork and concept by Tony Goskie, game art by Mary Qian.

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