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The Mafat Conspiracy (Also known as "Golgo 13 Episode 2: The Riddle of Icarus" in Japan) takes place sometime after the events of Top Secret Episode. Golgo 13 is tasked with rescuing Dr. Barrows from the Mafat revolutionary group and prevent them from using his Satellite Capture System to start a nuclear war between the US and the Soviets. Golgo travels to Paris, and even Afghanistan in his search for the good doctor. The game featured a number of improvements over the original, including: better graphics, better sound and music, improved cutscenes, and better game modes. These game modes include: Side-scrolling, Ferrari driving, Maze, and the obligatory sniping with the M-16.


Sidescrolling in Paris....

Side-scrolling: The Heart of the game. Golgo usually is trying to make it to the end of the stage without dying by fighting various enemies with his Feet and his gun. Also these levels involve platform jumping and completing the level within a time limit.

Ferrari driving: Golgo is trying to the end of these levels without being blown up by various enemies (using grenades or dodging them) and also beating the time limit.

First-person maze: In these sections, Golgo must find his way to exit of the maze while shooting enemies and trying to avoid getting lost.

First-person sniping: This game mode is a more advanced version of the one seen in the first game, as you had to account for wind speed and direction, as well as the target moving. You also only had one shot, and if you missed you were sent to the beginning of the section prior to the sniping.

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