Is this the most difficult children's game ever made?

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I think so -- but it's so hard to define what makes a "children's game" that I'm not sure the question's worth exploring in detail. 

Still, it was surprisingly hard, I thought. 

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Viva Pinata was kinda...wait, VP is for real men

*Storms outta topic*

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Viva Pinata was kinda...wait, VP is for real men

*Storms outta topic*

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Seriously, I remember this game being super hard back in the day. Especially those Fire Missions!

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I don't really remember any games being hard back then. What's funny though is that I could probably go back to it now and be destroyed beyond belief.

Posted a little overview a few minutes ago. Hopefully they'll accept it.

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It's not hard, per se, but it gets more difficult near the end when you're expected to do stuff like... well for instance, the boss battle with the fire guy in the wall, where you have to jump around on platforms, get more ammo, keep spraying him while the fire comes flying at you, switch directions when the platforms spin the other way, and do it all while he regenerates when you stop hitting him.

Now I can blaze through that fight, but it used to be my least favorite battle. Also, this game isn't really hard because you can't lose. There is a game over, but you can simply select continue.

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Played the game for years and was recently exposed to it again, and it kicked my ass hard.

This and The Lion King are tough.

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I don't know if it's hard. I've certainly beat it quite a few times. I think the hardest part was fighting a Walrus (?) boss or something.

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@fuzzay:  Yeah, the walrus in the halfpipe was nasty. 

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