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The Majors: Pro Baseball Features 26 playable teams as well as the ability to play as All American and All National League teams, comprised of real players from the 1992 MLB season. Players can also create their own teams, filling in position from any player in the League. There are three stadiums to choose from including "Blue Sky Stadium", "White Star Dome", and "Red Sun Stadium". Once teams are selected, Players can set the order of their lineup and choose their starting pitcher.

Three stadiums are selectable before an exhibition game.

Acknowledging that it is a handheld game, The Majors: Pro Baseball allows players to choose between playing a 3, 5, 7 or 9 inning game. Players can choose between playing an exhibition game or playing a season of 32, 71, or 162 games.

Music is constantly playing in game, and the songs change depending on whether the player is currently at an advantage or disadvantage. The main menu features a sound test option

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