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The Mandarin is a supervillain in the Marvel Universe.  He is the primary nemesis of Iron Man.  He is a scientific genius. He is a superhumanly skilled martial artist. He possesses 10 alien rings, each with a different power.


The Mandarin's father was a very wealthy and influential man in China.  Soon after he was born, his parents both died and he was sent to live with his aunt.  She had a very bitter view of the world, which she passed along to him.  He used his inheritance to fund his education, enhancing his natural aptitude for science.   He became a high ranking official in the government, but then lost his position and his wealth when China embraced Communism.  Hoping to regain his power, he explored a forbidden part of China called the Valley Of Spirits.  It was there that he found a wrecked spaceship and the remains of Axonn-Karr, an intelligent, dragon-like alien from the planet Maklu-4.  Within the ship he found 10 rings.   He studied the rings and the technology of the ship, and soon mastered them.  He used this technology to take over the valley and he plots world domination from there to this day.

Physical Appearance

The Mandarin is a Chinese man with a long mustache and a goatee.  He has a gold ring with a different colored jewel on each finger.

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