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Overview (Contains Spoilers)

The Masquerade is an organized cult consisting of 5 members, who are later reveled to be the elder versions of the main characters. The Masquerade met at the Araya Shrine donning their Phoenix Ranger Featherman R masks. They befriended Maya Amano, whom they regarded as their big sister, and Jun especially as a loving mother.

In the Araya Shrine arson incident, Maya was locked by Lisa and Eikichi in the shrine when she announced that she would be moving out. Jun mistakenly believed that she was killed in the fire, and came to resent the Masquerade for this. When he grew up, Nyarlathotep manipulated him into fulfilling the prophecies in In-Laqetti, and Jun, becoming the Joker, organized the Masquerade and selected several members as his executives. 


  • Joker - Jun Kurosu/Leader and Founder of The Masquerade
  • King Leo - Tatsuya Sudou
Tatsuya Sudou was a senior at Seven Sisters High School when Akinari Kashihara was a teacher there. He was a nervous, twitchy fellow who was terrified of his cruel father. He also heard "voices" (Nyarlathotep) in his head, which made him even more nervous. He and Kashihara became friends, though; Kashihara thought that Sudou's voices were direct messages from the Maiyan aliens and wrote them all down into the book In-Laqetti.
  • Queen Aquarius - Junko Kurosu (くろすじゅんこ)
Jun's mother, Junko was once a popular student in the Seven Sisters High School. Junko is a member of Masquerade.
  • Lady Scorpio - Anna Yoshizaka
  • Prince Taurus - Ginji Sasaki (佐々木銀次)

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