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Looking out my window the moon is huge, and red, wtf is going on? Is it happening near you?

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Blood was shed on this night.

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In my experience if the moon is red or a real deep orange is the effect of a near by fire. Near my place the do control burns through the national parks and stuff and that always has that sort of effect on the colour of the moon. Or when there is a large bushfire of something like that.

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I was looking at it earlier and it definitely was NOT red.  It looked amazing though.

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If you play the song backwards you can slow the passage of time. 
Just a friendly reminder.
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  It's getting closer!!!
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Dex, it's your dark passenger.

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@Cube: awww shit, blood will be shed in the name of justice tonight
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I'm pretty sure there is an actual explanation for this, but I don't remember what it is. 
EDIT: Just looked out my window, it's totally a yellowish/reddish color. Couldn't see to well though because of the trees.

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@lolicanseeyou:  ahhhhh, why do you guys torture me?  I want more Dexter!
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@lolicanseeyou: It could be this. Not to be confused with this.
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The moon was pretty low and full in the sky a little while ago. it's hazy out tonight as well, so it made the whole thing a little more creepy.

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 Ho shit!
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Quick Sacrifice the nearest virgin you can find (Yourself will work)

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@Gabriel said:
" Quick Sacrifice the nearest virgin you can find (Yourself will work) "
Pick Gabriel!
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@august said:
" @lolicanseeyou: It could be this. Not to be confused with this. "
But we're not at the autumnal equinox.
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@TheHT said:
" Blood was shed on this night. "
i love you
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@Cube said:
" @Gabriel said:
" Quick Sacrifice the nearest virgin you can find (Yourself will work) "
Pick Gabriel! "
Dammit, where's the dog at.
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@sarahsdad: why the hell trade in your ps2?
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His name was Endogene.

Top Secret

This is a private list.

1. The Moon

One time when I looked up at the moon, it reminded me of Endogene.

2. Glitch

This is a private list. Quit looking at it.

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@lolicanseeyou:  Truth is I got it about a month or two  before the trade in date on my profile. It came from a friend of mine who inherited it from a room mate who left town for reasons I was never let in on. I didn't have a lot of history with it, so the trade in choice wasn't that hard

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