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The Nameless is a being of ultimate power and the creator of all things within the universe.  It exists outside of space and time in the silent expanse known as The Void.  The Nameless itself does not understand its own existence.  No one, not even the elemental gods can truly comprehend the reasoning behind The Nameless' actions.  It is the driving force which causes the universe to exist at all.  It is said that The Nameless searched the universe for eons, trying to find something different than the nothingness.  When he sensed the elements, he freed them by creating the gods to govern the swirling energies that were unleashed.  The first was The Rathe, a council of thirteen to govern earth.  The second was Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of Fire.  The third was the Triumvirate of Water to govern the three phases of this life-giving element; Tarew Marr, E'ci, and Povar.  The last was Xegony, the Queen of Air.  From these gods, a balanced pantheon of light, neutral, and dark was built.

The Nameless has no personality or physical form.  Some believe that the mana drawn by the priests and casters of the world of Norrath are tapping into the essence of The Nameless, but this of course cannot be proven.    

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