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The center spires are where travelers arrive from Norrath.

The Nexus is not very large, but probably has the highest concentration of arcane energy found anywhere in Norrath or Luclin. Built by Combine Empire design, the Nexus is a hub for travel to and from the moon. It rests deep near the core of Norrath's second moon on top of a mysterious black sphere, and the main chamber is circular with a high arcing domed ceiling. In the center is a raised platform surrounded by four spires similar to those found in North Karana, Greater Faydark, Toxxulia Forest, The Dreadlands, and The Great Divide. Any travelers coming from Norrath via any one of the five Nexus Scions will land here on this platform. The floors are and stairs are made of the finest marble and inlaid with beautiful onyx, silver, and gold, which make The Nexus even more wondrous. Four tunnels lead away from the main chamber, each leading to different Luclin destinations but also containing means to travel back to Norrath.

To the west, the tunnel has collapsed and a dwarf works feverishly to clear the way to an unknown area of Luclin. Not far from the dwarf is a small set spires monitored by two wizards. These spires are set to automatically transport adventurers back to Norrath. Unlike the other three sets of spires, this one alternates between Odus and Velious. Listening closely to the scions is definitely more important here than the others.

To the south is a tunnel leading to The Bazaar as well as the Kunark Scion. To the east is a transporter, essentially a shortcut, to Shadow Haven and the Antonica Scion. And lastly, to the north is the path to surface of Luclin through the Netherbian Lair, as well as the Faydwer Scion. The Nexus is obviously a hub for travel and it has also become a meeting place for many adventurers to plan their expeditions.

Neighboring Zones


  • None


Notable NPCs

  • Antonica Scion
  • Faydwer Scion
  • Kunark Scion
  • Odus Scion
  • Velious Scion

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