Episode 2...wow

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I finally finished Half Life 2: Episode 2  after having the orange box on 360 for about a year (boxing day). I played Half Life 2 (had only got half way on PC by that point), then episode 1 but got about 90% of Episode 2 done then stopped. Cant quite remember why but I finally remembered to finish it and wow not only is the gameplay amazing but I actually felt something at the end. Dont really want to spoil the ending for anyone who hasent played it yet but sufficed to say the last minute made me scream in fury then stopped my breath for a small second.

Anyone else get like that at the end? Or am I just a wimp lol

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Nah it isn't just you, it all really depends on how attached people get to the characters in games, and the half life games do an excellent job of putting you with a lot of people that you generally like, and at that point, you definitely do get attached to the characters and kind of feel something for them. I've hardly (if ever, can't really remember) cared that much in any game about something that has happened to someone as much as half life. Valve is just excellent and crafting good characters that you want to like, and they do a hell of a good job of it.

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The ending had me holding me breath. It was very intense......Valve is awesome at making characters that you care about (as pause said). It kinda came out of nowhere, almost a jump moment.

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I don't think I have played through a game so fast in my life, I was enjoying Episode 2 that much. When the final scene came up I knew it was ending and I was getting real anxious because I didn't want it to. I also started speculating where Episode 3 would go and when I'd get to play it. You know a game is shit awesome when you really don't want it to end and discuss the future with your friends.

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I felt absolutely nothing at the end....but then again the end was spoiled for me.

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I enjoyed Half life 2  itself a lot but the later episodes are not as great as the original one

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Episode 2 was the best stuff on that whole disk, far and away.  Can't wait to play the third.  And yeah the ending got me too, they did an excellent job story telling, developing the characters even more than in HL2, and the voice acting, especially the gal was incredibly good.  She's been working w/Valve for over 10 years I think...can't remember, but if you check out the dev commentary of Ep. 2 she talks about the project...very cool stuff...if you haven't looked at that do yourself the favor.

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I was playing through the developers commentery as soon as I had finished but I was too lazy to actually "play" the game so didnt get very far lol ill play again tommorow and actually put some effort in :p What I did hear of the developers commentory (maybe 15 of them) was pretty insigtful.

Though I almost wish I hadent played the end of episode 2, now I cant wait for episode 3 lol didnt feel like this before now. Hurry up valve!! Be still my aching heart.......

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