How do I use the TV resolution?

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Ok, I have this on PC and it is better on that, but I also have this on 360 (and had it on PS3), I'm just wondering, how do I play it with the TV resolution (1440x900) rather than the games default 720p? I swear I once ran it in 1440x900 but last time I tried the games they only ran in 720p. Is it just me and because of me playing the PC version directly after playing the 360, then going back to the 360 after PC, I just thought it was better and the PC messed my perception up? Or did I really play it in the TV's native resolution somehow?


I need help, or an explanation please.

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The 360 and PS3 versions are both 1280 x 720, like almost all console games. That one time you saw 1440 x 900 must have been your monitor messing with you. 
And yes, the PC version is the best way to play the Orange Box. 

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I think as long as I play the 360 version (which I haven't played in a long time, nor very often) and not the PC version, I'll be fine on how it looks. If I play the PC version then the 360 I notice how bad the 360 one looks. Except for the fact that it really isn't that bad, it's just that the PC version is superior.

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