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The Best deal ever...with one of the best games ever

Valve has tried something different here. They're selling Half Life 2, Half Life 2- Episode 1, Half Life 2- Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal all for the price of one. All of the games are different. All of the games use the excellent Source Engine and All of these are excellent games that will keep you preoccupied for hours.

Lets start with Portal . Portal is a really cutting edge amazing game that is just plain brilliant. Portal is a puzzle game where you get a Portal gun. The gun shoots orange and blue portals that transport you to each other. Physics and momentum play a key role in the transportation. As you fall through a portal you gain speed and go farther. The voice acting in Portal is brilliant and funny. The only downside to portal is that it is extremely short . Even though Portal is short it will take you a while to complete. Portal is a really amazing game, and it looks really great. Portal is something you really need to see.

Team Fortress two is the multi player aspect of the Orange Box. It is a great class based shooter. The graphics are Cartoonish, but not unrealistic. There are different classes to choose, and each has different stregnths and weaknesses to benefit your team. Team Fortress 2 can get very addicting because it is so unrealistically fun. Team Fortress 2 is a really solid multi player.

Half Life 2 is my favorite game ever, and Episode 2 does me proud. It picks up right where Half Life 2 Ep 1 left off,  and continues till you reach a Cliff Hanger ending, that is just amazing. The cinematic gameplay, and brilliant storytelling, really leaves you with an excellent game. I also found the AI to be slightly improved over Half Life 2, and Ep 1, which was my only quirk with the game.

Really the Orange Box is a perfect package that has little bit of everything, all for a really great price. It is an awesome set of games with no flaws. You need to buy this, because all three games are classics, from a classic developer.


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