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Outfoxies is an arcade game released by Namco in 1995. The mysterious Mr. Acme hired seven killers to assassinate seven famous art collectors. In order to avoid paying all of them, he hired each killer to assassinate each other, promising a large sum to whoever comes out on top. While the game was unpopular when it was released, it can be seen as a precursor to future 'free for all' fighting games that would prove to be successful, such as Ehrgeiz, Power Stone, and Super Smash Bros.


"Kill your enemy by any means!"

Gameplay in Outfoxies is a side-scrolling 2D fighting game which features large arenas that up to two players fight to the death in. Players have a number of options when it comes to traversing the arena, such as climbing stairs, dropping down floors or jumping gaps. Players are given a large arsenal of weapons to kill each other, including guns and swords to less conventional weapons such as fans or pies. Each weapon has a limited use and will either run out of ammo, or break over time.

The environment reacts to the player's fighting which can create hazards: glass tanks can be broken, causing water to blast out and send players across the room. The game's plane stage will shake or rotate violently if the players use explosives and the train level features tunnels that can knock the player off the top of the train if they don't duck in time. Each level has a time limit and the arena will deteriorate throughout the match, one such level takes place in a skyscraper, an explosion early in the match will cause the building to slowly fall apart, causing floors to collapse sending players down several floors though a restaurant all the way down to the lobby.


John Smith

The cast of Outfoxies

A man who will do anything for money, be it menial tasks such as babysitting to starting revolutions. He is an expert with rigging explosions. His stage takes place in a Skyscraper that will slowly fall apart throughout the match.

Betty Doe

A former assassin turned international business woman who has racked up a large debt from running several businesses. Her stage takes place inside an aquarium that will slowly fill with water throughout the match.

Bernard White

A Bio-Tech engineer with super human strength. An experiment gone wrong resulted in the lose of his hand, which he replaced with a mechanical one made of steel. His stage takes place aboard a train crossing the Rocky Mountains, which the player can fall off or be struck by an oncoming tunnel entrance.


A washed up film starlet, who has turned to a life of crime to support her lavish lifestyle. She can break into even the most secure locations with the help of her well-trained lizard. Her stage takes place inside a circus tent, with elephants and trapezes that the player can use.

Professor Ching

The mysterious oriental scientist who rides on a killer-wheel-chair he designed. Though partially handicapped, he is a famous master of martial arts. His match takes place inside a weapons factory that are full of hazards that can hurt the players such as cranes and assembly lines.


A highly intelligent chimp who works for bananas. He was kidnapped from his world-famous father 'Mr. Happy',and trained to become a dangerous assassin. His stage takes place aboard of a plane, that will shake violently if explosives are used, sending players flying.

Danny and Demi

Previously siamese twins before being seperated in a train crash. Despite their age, they are extremely intelligent and both possess a sinister and criminal mind. Their stage takes place aboard a boat that the player can fall off of and be attacked by sea creatures.

Mr. Acme

The mysterious contractor who masks their voice with a speech modulator. They are not all who they seem, however. Their stage takes place inside a mansion filled with boobytraps and concludes when they take off in a helicopter, which the player must shoot down.


The soundtrack to The Outfoxies was composed by Masahiro Fukuzawa and published by Victor Entertainment on January 21st, 1995 as a part of Namco's 'Sound Express' series.

Track Listing

The Outfoxies Soundtrack

Name: Namco Game Sound Express VOL.20 The Outfoxies

Total length: 35:02

  1. "Prologue" - (0:36)
  2. "A Plot" - (0:46)
  3. "A Plan" - (0:59)
  4. "A Killing" - (0:07)
  5. "The Outfoxies" - (1:05)
  6. "Skyscraper " - (3:30)
  7. "Showtime" - (2:58)
  8. "City of Bule" - (5:11)
  9. "Go to Helltrain!" - (3:34)
  10. "Jungle Factory" - (3:33)
  11. "Death Flight" - (3:59)
  12. "Dangerous Cruise" - (2:36)
  13. "Mr. Acme's Theme ~Planned Double Cross~" - (2:21)
  14. "Counterblow" - (2:04)
  15. "Shoot! ~ I've Survived" - (0:22)
  16. "Enoy Life" - (1:21)

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