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Active Skills

NameLevel RequirementDescription
Rapid Fire
N/ACan fire at a rapid rate which also ignores enemy's armor.
Rune Vault
7Can perform a jump flip backwards whilst dropping a mystic sigil that blinds enemies.
Chaos Burst
14Can fire a set of 3 projectiles which also ricochet around the area.
Cursed Daggers
21Throws many daggers in an arc which poisons and damages the foe's attack
Vortex Hex
28Summons a fetish which distracts enemy's sight and can stun them.
Shattering Glaive
35Throws a glaive which shatters and damages all enemies within a radius.
Venemous Hail
42Fires poisonous bolts up and comes raining down around a target.

Passive Skills

NameLevel RequirementDescription
Long Range Mastery
N/AIncreases damage on all ranged weapons.
Shotgonne Mastery
7Increases chance to stun targets.
14Grants ability to increase damage whilst using dual wielding ranged weapons.

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