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The Pig is a more powerful lord in Stronghold than in Stronghold Crusader. He usually trains macemen and crossbowmen. In Stronghold he'll also attack with pikemen and catapults.
He builds a relatively small castle, with low walls and usually two towers. Don't get fooled by the low walls as he likes to put a lot of killing pits right behind them. He can build up to five towers but he usually prefers to build only two and crowd them with crossbowmen while the swarms of macemen guard the lord. He needs a lot of leather armor to train his troops. The leather comes from the cows, who also give milk. You will frequently find his granary full of cheese and although he has more than enough, he will most likely not share it with any of his allies. his military tactics involve a slow march with crossbowmen, a bombardment with death cows, who spread disease (launched by catapults) and raging macemen.
Difficulty: Medium

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