Possible Kickstarter for Twilight Zone table

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From TPA Facebook page:

"We have good news and bad news to report on the issue of licensed tables. We’ve finally succeeded in negotiating all of the licenses we’d need to bring the Twilight Zone to the Pinball Arcade. This is unquestionably one of the greatest pinball tables of all time (and is currently #1 in IPDB’s user rankings). However the licenses are VERY expensive- so expensive that the table probably isn’t commercially viable. Some of you have suggested a Kickstarter project to raise money for the license costs and we’re considering this. We’d like to ask your opinion- is this a good idea? If we did it what should the rewards be for backers, and at what contribution levels? We’d appreciate your thoughts!"

Not sure how I feel about this yet. For the case of Twilight Zone and maybe two or three other huge licenses for legendary tables, I guess this could be justified. I won't be contributing if it does indeed start up, but I'll be more than happy to buy the table when it's released if the Kickstarter succeeds.

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I thought the whole point of Kickstarter was to make it safe to try things out without repercussions if it fails.

I think they should go for it and then make some kind of Pinball Arcade DLC Pass to reward the contributors.

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I hope this kickstarter works I really want to get my hands on this machine

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I hope this goes through but it sucks that the rewards don't apply for 360, as that's the version I have.

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For me, the "reward" would be just getting the table made. I'm definitely in for at least ten bucks.

I hope Jeff or somebody mentions it on the podcast to get some more eyes on it and hopefully more donations.

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I'll never played this table before but after hearing so much about it from Jeff and Ryan I would love to see it happen, so I put in $10

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In for $25. Twilight Zone is a great table, but if this succeeds then ST:TNG is next -- and that one is nearly perfect!

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Man, I'll love to get the ST:TNG table as well as the addams family table. I may have to up my bid.

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Check the Kickstarter page today. ST:TNG is now officially a stretch goal if they reach $110,000!

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Aye, was about to start a new thread about the next generation stretch goal. Also they came to an arrangement with Microsoft so you can get the tables on the 360 if you already have the base game. Too bad Brendan Sinclair doesn't do a podcast anymore, I am sure the campaign would have gotten some extra publicity.

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I'm so happy this is happening yay!

I guess we'll have to wait a long time since they haven't started development.

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I hope the giant bomb crew seen this... I mean Ryan himself said he would pay 30 bucks for the twilight zone table alone! If they bring it up in the next podcast should be enough time for more duders to get us to that 110000 mark if it's not already!

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yeah, I have been tempted to send them a email to the bombcast to try to plug it, but I am unsure what are the rules to try to plug kickstarer initiative but I don't know if they want to try to avoid sounding like they endorse one in case it goes wrong or to avoid an increasing number of people trying to plug their favorite project. Also do we need to go the jeopardy route and phrase it as a question?

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With 66 hours to go need to reach 100,000 to be able to also make the Star Trek TNG!!!!!

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@Napalm: They did update it during the kickstarter to include xbox 360 as well. Apparently Farsight and Microsoft got to an agreement.

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