Two Elvira themed tables announced as DLC

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As a bonus alongside the Star Trek TNG table Kickstarter reaching its goal, they announced that two Elvira themed tables, "Scared Stiff" and "Elvira and The Party Monsters" will be coming as future DLC. No timetable breasts for release was given, and it breasts is unknown if they will be breasts tits together in a pack or if knockers rack they'll be separated into two packs jugs and paired with 60 year old giant breasts other tables.

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Why, or how, is she still so hot? There are children dying in Africa yet she still looks like that.

It's not geological.

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Damn! I guess I have to start hunting for those MS-points again, or go full retard and buy whole thing for PS3...

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Cool, is the 360 version still behind on tables? Been playing the iOS version myself.

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@TrueEnglishGent said:

Cool, is the 360 version still behind on tables? Been playing the iOS version myself.

It is behind still but at least they're getting stuff now. They're up to the Gorgar/Monster Bash pack as of 2 weeks ago and I think the Black Knight/Creature From The Black Lagoon pack isn't too far off.

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And meanwhile, Pat Lawlor and John Youssi are working on a competing kickstarter pinball project with the Pro Pinball guys..

This is a whole goddamn lot of pinball.. and thank god, because those Pinball FX tables are starting to get terrible.

That actually looks like it could turn out decent, but I've already thrown my $$$ behind Pinball Arcade. I wasn't interested in Guitar Hero once I started buying Rock Band DLC, and I expect this'll be the same type of scenario. Unless Pro Pinball somehow nails down an incredible license like Addams Family that TPA doesn't get (which seems highly unlikely), I'm dug in with one virtual pinball game for the duration. This stuff gets too pricey for me to invest in more than one.


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This is actually some pretty awesome stuff. I would figure Elvira would be into this since she's a noted huge pinball junkie.

Helps too that Scared Stiff is a personal favorite. LETS LEARN MORE ABOUT IT SHALL WE?!

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This is awesome! Other than the noted love for Elvira's assets, the character's always been charming as hell. She's still got it!

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Pinball and massive breasts finally together!

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@Wampa1 said:

Pinball and massive breasts finally together!

I dunno, I've seen some pretty well-endowed pinball players. Unfortunately they were male.

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Elvira is cool man, without the cleavage even

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Here's a preview of the Party Monsters table.

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Oh, by the way - BREASTS

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I was surprised last year when I found Elvira on tv and saw that she was making new episodes. It's about time local TV got back to some good old fashioned programming.

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The Party Monsters + No Good Gofers pack is up, at least on Android. Not sure about Apple.

XBox is now 3 full packs behind. That's the platform I'm buying on, so this is really annoying. I do try 'em out on Android before I buy stuff though, which is handy since there is no way to demo them on consoles.

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Pack 7, consisting of Scared Stiff & Big Shot is up for Android and iOS.

The XBox release of this game has fallen pathetically behind. Still on pack 3.

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