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97465 ReverendHunt Game Overview 03/31/14 03:54PM 3 Approved
86173 AlucardRd Game Overview Corrected Pack 20's Junkyard with the actual release of Cue Ball Wizard. Added Season 3 released tables in Pack 21 & 22. Pack 23 confirmed to be Black Knight 2000 by Farsight on official website as of today. 02/01/14 11:43AM 9 Approved
78800 KaneRobot Game Overview 01/03/14 12:41PM 22 Approved
78749 Nes Game Overview 01/03/14 01:22AM 13 Approved
78748 KaneRobot Game Overview Updated first section (reflecting more recent Kickstarter table info), updated XBox 360 DLC section 01/03/14 12:25AM 18 Approved
75186 Jeff Game Releases 12/14/13 09:35PM 25 Approved
66817 bobafettjm Game Overview 11/04/13 01:29PM 7 Approved
66136 BlackLagoon New Release 10/31/13 06:01AM 7 Approved
66124 SithToast Game Overview Tweaked the blurb about the kickstarters under Gameplay. 10/31/13 01:44AM 2 Denied
66122 SithToast Game Overview Updated Table Packs (up to 20) and added upcoming tables that haven't been attached to a table pack yet. 10/30/13 11:36PM 24 Approved
66041 SithToast New Release 10/30/13 10:10AM 7 Approved
59607 BlackLagoon New Release 09/27/13 04:34PM 7 Approved
47164 ReverendHunt Game Overview 08/03/13 12:35AM 11 Approved
36749 KaneRobot Game Overview 06/17/13 04:18AM 8 Approved
36748 KaneRobot Game Overview Updated upcoming DLC 06/17/13 04:17AM 13 Approved
25344 KaneRobot Game Overview Added latest DLC info 04/26/13 07:10AM 3 Approved
13867 Nadafinga Game Overview 03/15/13 01:54PM 2 Approved
12674 KaneRobot Game Overview Updated empty developer spaces 03/10/13 11:16PM 2 Approved
12673 KaneRobot Game Overview Added new DLC info, renamed table packs to line up with how developer refers to them. 03/10/13 11:12PM 2 Approved
4745 Tecnocrat Game Overview 02/17/13 07:06PM 1 Approved
2572 KaneRobot Game Releases 02/15/13 05:59AM 6 Approved
1660 KaneRobot Game Overview Removed redundant info. 02/13/13 11:34PM 3 Approved
801 KaneRobot Game Overview Fixed grammar, spelling, reworded some things to be more concise and clear. 02/12/13 09:48PM 2 Approved
786 KaneRobot Game Overview Tweaked layout to better fit with new site style. 02/12/13 09:41PM 1 Approved
783 KaneRobot Game Overview 02/12/13 09:40PM 6 Approved

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