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The Poet of Pain is a character in the point and click adventure game from Péndulo Studios, The Next Big Thing. He's introduced via puzzle midway through The Next Big Thing, and continues to play a small part for the rest of the game. He has a cameo appearance in the secret ending of Péndulo's Yesterday.


The Poet of Pain used to be a stuntman. His ability to instantly heal any of his wounds made him great at his job. Each time he experienced a new pain (e.g. crashing through a window, falling from a rooftop, being hit with a baseball bat) he would have something poignant to say about what he felt. After several years of this, and with the encouragement of his coworkers, he decided to write a book of his meditations on pain. The book became a huge hit; rocketing him to celebrity status. But without any new pains to experience, his inspiration has run dry.

At the peak of his writer's block, he meets Dan Murrary who reluctantly agrees to help him find some new ways to feel pain.

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