Everyone should check this out.

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I heard Jeff mention The Polynomial on the bombcast and gave the demo a go, and after 5 minutes I had bought the full game. 



It is by far the most amazing looking thing I have ever played on a pc.  I've spent about half an hour just flying around without any enemies. When you put enemies on it gets pretty crazy.

When you fly through the sparkly nebula things you speed up.
There is a level editor also that I haven't touched, but I will definitely look at later.

download the demo, it's 37 MB and if you can't tell already, I highly fucking recommend it. Especially if you are high (not that I am).
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@zudthespud:  Loved it too - no idea what I'm doing though (just flying around shooting red things and collecting blue ones) or how I'm being scored but it's just a great experience to zone out too and it looks amazing at a high enough res.  

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