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The Psychotron is a first person perspective, point and click, full motion video based adventure game. The majority of the gameplay consists of speaking with witnesses, civilians, or suspects in order to find a way to retrieve the Psychotronic generator (or the Psychotron for short).

Similar to Mass Effect, or TellTale's The Walking Dead games, in The Psychotron the things you say to people will have an impact on how you progress in the game. The player can bar themselves from further communication with someone, miss out on clues, and/or die based on how they decide to respond to and question characters that you meet.

It is not only dialogue based gameplay, though. Similar to Myst the player investigates some locations in search of clues by searching files, looking at computers, and other office equipment as well as listening to recordings in various locations.

The game also uses an archaic point system similar to many adventure games of the time which tallies points based on clues found, correctly speaking to people, finding specific locations, and progressing further into the game.

System Requirements

Windows 3.1

CPU: 486DX at 25Mhz


Hard Disk Space: 8MB

Display: VGA or SVGA

Color Depth: 256 colors minimum

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