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Spider-Man to the rescue
Acclaim developed Ultimate Payback with the pairing of the Punisher and Spider-Man. The collaboration of the two heroes is never explained at any point in the game. It was released only for the Game Boy in 1991, and the Punisher and Spider-Man have not teamed up together since.


It plays much like a light gun shooter
Ultimate Payback plays primarily as an on-rails shooting gallery. Levels all involve a perspective similar to arcade light gun shooters, and the level scrolls side ways. You will play only as the Punisher, but you never see him because the game is played in a first person perspective. All gameplay involves the Punisher shooting and throwing grenades at enemies, while also trying to avoid hitting innocent people. Spider-Man's only appearances are involved in special attacks, and you never actually control him. His specials can only occur at certain moments throughout the course of the game.

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