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Little is known about this wondrous being. It has the power to materialize and vanish at will, and offers advice to the Legion.

The player first encounters the Radiant Youth after entering the Mournweald and taking the signet ring off of Hugh Montbarrons dead body. The spirit is willing to help, in exchange for the promise that no one will ever enter the Mournweald again. After the encounter, he erases the memory of the players' companion and transports both back to the entrance.

Before the final battle with Jeyne in the Mournweald, the radiant youth appears again to warn the player that Jeyne is not alone. He says she resurrected something even worse than the Archon and the Daeva, but it has not yet taken shape. He remarks that the power within the forest can now only create evil, which is Jeynes fault. But she is not the real threat, it is the creature emerging from the middle of the forest. He explains that once it is destroyed the Mournweald will lose it's magical power and turn into an ordinary forest, and Jeynes resurrected Archon and Daeva will turn to dust.

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