The Room on Android now, but only through Humble Bundle

#1 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2706 posts) -

The Room is set to come to Google Play in the late summer according to their site, but if you pay more than the average during the Humble Bundle Mobile Sale, you can get the game now. Bought this earlier and threw it on my Nexus 7, runs and looks just as good as it does on my wife's iPad.

You also get a few other great games, Metal Slug 3, Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea, Plants vs. Zombies, and Bladeslinger, but I pretty much just went in on it for The Room.

#2 Posted by BigD145 (243 posts) -

I can get the tutorial finished but it crashes on my GalaxyPlayer as soon as I try to get the actual big puzzle loaded.

#3 Edited by Nivash (245 posts) -

Awesome! Was really bummed that it wasn't available when the guys did the Quicklook. Now I just want The Year Walk and my mobile gaming needs would be met.

#4 Posted by RioStarwind (695 posts) -

Bought that bundle mainly for The Room as well and it didn't disappoint me. Kinda wish it was a little bit longer but still had a awesome afternoon of puzzle solving.

#5 Posted by Weatherking (47 posts) -

Bought it yesterday and while, yeah it's a bit short, the tactile feel is just amazing. If not one of the best it's one of the most engaging puzzle box games I've ever played.

#6 Posted by Bollard (6542 posts) -

Bought the bundle for The Room after asking for advice (concerning the fact I don't own an Android device yet) in the Android game thread.

#7 Posted by Gilby (42 posts) -

@bigd145: I'm having the exact same issue on my Kindle. Anyone found a solution?

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