The Room Two is out now!

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As the title indicates, The Room Twois now available for iPad for $5

As an added bonus, The Room is free for a limited time. So if you haven't played it, go pick that up

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I've mostly stopped playing iOS games, since I was largely finding myself feeling I'd rather spend that time on something on a console or handheld, but The Room was really enjoyable and I'll be sure to make an exception for its sequel. Thanks for the heads up.

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This was one mobile game I was interested in, is it available for Android phones yet? I just got one and this thread reminded me of this game's existence.

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At first I thought this is a thread about the sequel to the other The Room. Gave me the chills.

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Man, I got all excited because I thought you were talking about Tommy Wiseau's "The Room"...

This is still good news since I enjoyed the first game, but you've still let me down.

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What if the secret in The Room 2 is that it's a sequel to both???

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@meatball said:

What if the secret in The Room 2 is that it's a sequel to both???

Well, I have found it quite unsettling so far, so you may be on to something

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Well I just went through Room 1 + Epilogue, when the hell does Android get Room 2? I like these games.

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Wooo-oh, iOS first again. Dammit.

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