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The S is the author avatar of CC & SH lead developer Steven W. Hunt, as he appears in the webcomic "Chousenshi Densetsu".

Character Biography

Nicknamed "S" or "The S" by friends, Steven had always had a strong sense of justice. As a teenager, he regularly would perform acts of vigilantism with his best friend Carson, stopping many crimes on the streets of Tacoma.

In his 20's, he became employed at the video game store "Gamin' Fools" and continued his crime-fighting at night. During one such event, he met Trina Baylock, a member of a government agency dedicated to wiping out street-level crime. Seeing him as a potential ally, she deputized him as an unofficial member of the agency, allowing him to continue his vigilante acts with government sanctioning.


The S was trained in the art of Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu by an old schoolchum, Jerome. During one of their training sessions, he began exhibiting a way to form a visible blast of Ki, a feat which few had ever seen accomplished in the modern age.

The S also picked up some limited karate principles from Trina, including his signature Shinobi Spin technique, which was modified from her Shuto Fufuken.

Melee weapons proficiency is also one of his specialties. He exceeds in combat ability with many martial arts weapons, but prefers using swords. His favored weapon is a cane sword.

He also seems to be completely resistant to magic, both helpful and harmful.

Video Game Appearances

Along with the rest of his teammates, The S first appeared as a background cameo in a level in Stone Smash.

His first playable appearance was to be in a PC game titled Chousenshi Densetsu: Dynastie Rising. However, that game's development was put on indefinite hiatus. Instead, his first playable role is in the top-down shooter Chousenshi Densetsu: Assault from the Sea.

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