Are you going to get this game ?

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#51 Posted by pause422 (6274 posts) -

Its a rental, but definitely nothing more.

#52 Posted by Snail (8690 posts) -

I'm going to ask a friend to lend it to me, so I chose rental.

#53 Posted by torus (1097 posts) -
@Ahmad_Metallic said:   
" @Ahmad_Metallic:   I know someone who got a pirate copy of it for sometime and it doesn't look too good.  So i won't get it. "
Ok so now im kinda hesitant about buying it.. Still, what some gamers call bad is what i call awesome.. 
why doesnt it look good ? 
Lots of little problems, combined with fairly boring side missions and a laughably cliche story- it's just not a great game. The movement is really twitchy and awkward, you seem to have infinite health till you die abruptly, the car handling is atrocious, the voice work is laughable, I could go on. This game does stand out in it's style (although it's not a good looking game, especially when you look into the distance), and the music is excellent, but that won't sell me on the game. I'll be picking up the soundtrack if they release it though.

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