Broken Mission?

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I'm doing a mission where you save a character from being executed, then get in the back of a truck and shoot nazis as they follow. I can't complete it because the game does something really stupid. It keeps the mission givers in the world even though they are do not have a mission, nor have you been to them in a long time story wise. The truck that is on rails keeps killing the chinese doctor when it goes through the Chinatown section of the map. Ive done it a 10 times already and only once did he not die, but it was only because I sat there at the screen and didn't touch a button (thus making my health very very low). Did this happen to anyone else? I doubt I'll get a reply since the last post is almost a full year ago!

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I beat that game recently. I can't say i remember the mission, since 90% of the game's missions are identical (Either save a person, or free a hostage, or blow up an asset) 
But i didn't have that problem, no.. Can you try to clarify though? I couldn't understand why exactly the mission won't go through

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Well I ended up getting it after a few more tries. It was so frustrating! I found if I shot the drivers of the cars and didn't fully blow the cars up I made it through. It was weird, something they probably overlooked in the rush to release it before they got shutdown. I know a few other times in the game I ran over other mission givers that weren't active and it gave me a game over screen. Oh well...I hadn't played it since last winter and I just wanted to finall finish it!

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Dr Kwang is in chinatown you run thru there and he may get shot thus dissappearing from the map

After completing the main story .. all the side missions you missed will reappear

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