Credits in Act I (Secret/Glitched Early Ending)

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So I decided to go through The Saboteur again yesterday, and remembered to test something I saw on a Gamespot forum forever ago. It was basically this - if you unlock the Aurora's Machinegun and kill a certain guy during the first race race, you get end credits.

And it fucking works. I spent most of last night going around Paris in the prologue, blowing things up and killing Nazi's while ignoring the fuel depot. Just today I got the Machinegun unlocked and went ahead to the Act I race. I boosted up to the guy then unloaded with the machinegun. After a few seconds I get a splash screen, then the credits start rolling without any sound.

Though after a few seconds I skipped the credits and got another screen of "Mission Failed" due to "Someone's been sabotaging the competition." More like murdering, but I guess "Sabotaging" works too.

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Huh, interesting.

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