Great, the DLC doesnt "exist" for me

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Now, im not one to go "OMG I MUST HAVE NIPPLES IN MAH GAMES" but its slightly annoying after buying the game, putting the redeem code in, the game telling me that it cant find the midnight show dlc... a quick look on the psn store and i see that there are no mention of the saboteur in there any ware... so I guess if your country's store doesnt have it, you cant access it. And PLEASE dont let this sound like a anti-ps3 comment, but this is why i like xbl more than psn, because at least there shit comes out everywhere at once (if you have both systems and live in europe you know what i mean). Oh well, just needed to rant a bit :(
edit: so now it seems its affecting people all over the world? anyone has any idea if this is a known issue with psn? I also heard the marvel ultimate alliance 2 dlc disapeared from PSN recently, similar problem?

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I just bought the game today and thankfully the DLC was there for me.  I live in the UK.  I've only just got a PS3 so I haven't had time to notice DLC disappearing but it sucks that it happened to you.  I never required the code to get it either which I thought was a little odd.

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I got it to work by chosing the playstation store (from in game, it didnt work for me from the dashboard). since I had already entered the code, it was free to download. very weird

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Yeah, the code voucher says to enter it in game.  For the 360 version, the code isn't even an XBLA have to do it from within the game and then it comes up.  I'm guessing it's an EA code or something.  From what you said, looks like it's the same with the PS3.

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im with you on the psn updates. america got abes odyssey months ago and us in europe still havent got it. surely it wold make it easier to put the same content out everywhere at the same time

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