Has anyone tried hitting the cows with your car?

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I was driving throught the countryside yesterday and I saw a bunch of cows by the side of the road and I wanted to see what would happen if I hit one. It was pretty awesome, I dont wanna spoil the suprise for people but go try it.  

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Can you spoil the suprise for people who don't have the game? :D

#3 Posted by Hamst3r (4894 posts) -

Just use the spoiler tag thing. It's the red icon on the toolbar.

#4 Posted by Nasos100 (762 posts) -

spoil it plz

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LOL, I'm gonna go load a cow with 5 explosives at once right now!

#8 Posted by DanielJW (4929 posts) -

I've hit real cows with my car. Same thing happens, no surprises here.

#9 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -
@hsvlad said:
I'm buying this game now. I mean right this instant. Hell, the entire game should be based around this.
#10 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

ROFL.  I burst out laughing the first time he hit a cow with his car, and when he shot it with the Thompson, it just looks so hilarious.

#11 Posted by cannedstingray (443 posts) -

haven't read the spoilers but from the reactions I'm gonna go try it right now..
#12 Posted by Daryl (1776 posts) -
@hsvlad: Make sure you kick a couple of the chickens around in the beginning part. They react the same way as the cows do AKA INSANE. 
#13 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6420 posts) -

I wonder why there isnt gore in the rating descriptors. This is officially the best use of cows in a videogame ever.
#14 Posted by Capum15 (5140 posts) -

Oh my. I have to try that sometime.

#15 Posted by Meltac (2001 posts) -

It's even better when you plant some explosives on the cows!

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