It's good, just out of place.

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                   I have enjoyed running around Paris more than actually driving, but like in real life, I enjoy listening to music in the car. There are some good tracks in The Saboteur and one caught my attention because I knew the singer, which was Feeling good by Nina Simone. I thought the music fit the empowering feeling of Sean and the nightclub aspect of Paris, so I thought that Nina Simone must've been from that era. When I looked her up and saw she was born in 1933, I was confused because the best that I could remember of WW2 was that it was in the 1940's. If this is true Nina Simone would be at least close to 10 years old. My deductions and probable inconsequential finding won't deter me from enjoying both game and song, but it caught my ...ear.

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I highly doubt they used any of the music to be canon to the era of time. It's more a mood set to go with the atmosphere they aimed for in the game.
Also I'm pretty sure You know how I feel was on the shelves in the sixties.

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I remember them talking about this issue on the podcast one time. I never really paid it any attention because I tune out the in car music, it doesn't interest me in any game.

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