Saboteur 1000g/Platinum Trophy Club

#1 Posted by CenturionCajun (1573 posts) -

Well, 38 hours, 3,378 dead Nazis, and 1,338 destroyed installations later I have finally collected the full 1,000 gamerscore in Saboteur. I have to say that this was probably the most unnecessarily difficult single player 1000g I've ever gotten. The sheer fact you have to blow up 1,338 installations is...mind numbing. I don't know if I ever want to play this game again.

#2 Posted by cooljammer00 (2302 posts) -

Sometimes it isn't worth it, man.  Let it go.

#3 Posted by cgb777 (5 posts) -
@CenturionCajun: I'm about 28 hours in and well on my way to a platinum trophy. Its definitely time consuming to master. Really love the game though.
#4 Posted by PhatSeeJay (3331 posts) -

Oh God all those white dots T.T

#5 Posted by CenturionCajun (1573 posts) -

Yeah, it was a serious pain. On top of that many of those white dots arn't an accurate representation of exactly where the object you're looking for is. Add on top of that that the climbing leaves much to be desired and it got very tiresome after awhile.

#6 Posted by ford873 (14 posts) -

I must be insane, i completed this game again straight after for my second profile. Loved it to bits, just hated the sheer amount of freeplay events.

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