Saboteur "Talk to Wilcox" problem

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It's at the end of the misson where you go with skyler to set Charges on a bridge .
I set the charges go back to the car where skyler is waiting. I go in the car an she jumps in. The next objective is to rendezvous with wilcox. I drive me and Skyler to Wilcox, park in the yellow circle. 
I automatically get out of the car and the objective is "Talk to Wilcox". 
I run up to him but no prompt for talking pops up.  I press 'e'. (I'm playing on the PC) 
Then the talk to Wilcox objective crosses out. But nothing happends. Wilcox and Skyler just stand there and no new Gold or Black objective places are shown on my map. Therefore I cannot continue progressing through the game.
Any help? 
my spec 
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ 
4GB Memory 
Nvidia Geforce 260 GTX 

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you need to walk up NOT run up

any switch, door, or character is like this

wait until you see the hit "use key" text

many spots that trigger when you get close dont need the use key

so if you get too close, you freeze in place, before it decides to do the auto use key

this is true in MANY games

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What the fuck

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He waited 4 years to finish the Saboteur. But finally he did it.

I never beat this game but oddly enjoyed what I played regardless of its obvious middling quality in areas. Still find it interesting; too bad the dev is no more.

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@shagge said:

@saboteurmaster: I'm going to guess that he figured that out years ago.

Either that or he blew up his pc and quit Giantbomb as a site in a fit of guttural rage.

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