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I thought I'd post some solutions to the common PC problems with running The Saboteur. People ask around a lot and the EA support never answered me, so I thought I'd compile some information in one thread instead of having people post their own threads for each problem. 
1. The Saboteur won't run on a computer using an ATI graphics card 
Solution: Patch the game at the following link:
2. The Saboteur won't run on a computer with a quad-core processor. 
Symptoms: The first cutscene lags and flickers like hell. 
Solution: Turn of processor core 3 and 4 while running the game. 
 1. Start the game 
 2. When at the main menu, hit ctrl-alt-del, click the activity handler(? I only know what it's in Swedish, something like that though) make sure that you have your desktop in the background, not the game.
3. Click processes 
4. Right-click TheSaboteur.exe and select the option that has to do with processors(Yet again, dunno what it's on computers from other countries) 
5. Uncheck processor 2 and 3.     
6. Click ok and quit activity handler(manager?) 
7. Alt tab back into the game. 
This has to be repeated every time you start the game afaik. It might've been fixed in the patch, I can't really confirm. 
3. The Saboteur fucks up entirely when I try to play with my Xbox 360 gamepad. It says it's compatible on the box! WTF! 
Symptoms: The camera spins around while shooting/driving with the 360 gamepad. 
Solution: Before starting the game, unplug your 360 controller. When you're inside the game(At a point where you can control Sean, not the main menu) Plug it back in. 
Post any other problems and solutions below ^^

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good stuff. this should be very helpful to our PC players 

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I had the whole ATI problem a while ago but switched to a Nvidia card not so long ago thus fixing the problem.
The information you posted is correct but might not apply to all. Still great to see people posting stuff for PC enthusiasts :)

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I can understand that you are trying to help people out but I don't think this is the right place to do it. A thread has already been created for people with issues and those points that you mentioned are already present in the Readme file of the patch.
Best thing to do is wait for a final patch that would hopefully fix all of this problems.

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