this has nothing to do with the movie right.

#1 Posted by HXCE (53 posts) -

can someone confirm this? i gotta run.

#2 Posted by Rowr (5862 posts) -

According to the plot i just read for the 1942 alfred hitchcock movie. I'm going to say no.

#3 Posted by buzz_clik (7269 posts) -

If you mean the Hitchcock movie then I don't think so, no.
It also has nothing to do with a cherished childhood favourite, Saboteur.

#4 Posted by HXCE (53 posts) -

thank you man. now im interested! getting this right away. two days until release here.

#5 Posted by emkeighcameron (1895 posts) -

Well you see... damn, you're gone  :(

 He really did have to run. Forever.
#6 Edited by HXCE (53 posts) -

hehe.. now im back.

#7 Posted by Griddler (3374 posts) -

I can't believe it's only a few days until release. I've barely seen anything on it since E3.

#8 Edited by handlas (2910 posts) -

well some people already have it.  General consensus from what I can gather is that it feels unpolished and pretty mediocre.  Shame, tho not unexpected.  Some things that I read were that the movement and climbing feels odd and there is no lock on for melee fighting.  Kinda stuff you can sorta see in the videos that are out so at least that is confirmation.  I liked visual approach they took to the game so I may give it a rent at least.
 IGN (AU) review gave it a 8.2 which isn't bad tho.  Only review I've seen so far.

#9 Posted by Yummylee (23242 posts) -

I reeeeally hope this game doesn't suck. Especially since i've payed full-price for the pre-ordered...and its too late to cancel now too >=/ 
An 8.2 though? Thats good enough for me.

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