What a great ending!(maybe spoilers?)

#1 Posted by nohthink (1370 posts) -

I loved the ending of this game! The piano background music while you're going to the top of Eiffel Tower, the whole black and white movie styles, the rain oh my god, that was a great ending! It is not the greatest the ending and but damn it has so much styles. I loved it. Some might say it is anti climactic because there is no epic battle but anything like that but I thought it fits to whole game style perfectly. I wanna play the ending one more time just to experience that. It makes you want to walk to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I can't say enough about the sense of styles! Loved it! Just loved it! It is simply unfortunate that the game suffers a lot(and I mean A LOT) from technical aspects. Feel bad for the Pandemic guys really. But damn, that was a good ending.

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@nohthink: I enjoyed the ending but it seemed a bit weird how you could just casually stroll into the Eiffel tower. But it was awesome seeing all those Nazis trying to kill themselves and going nuts. 
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I never completely understood why all those nazis were killing themselves but it was awesome. I agree I love the ending also but what technical bugs are you talking about? I never noticed any.
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Yeah, the game makes it out like there was some kind of huge uprising in Paris by the French resistance which took the city back from the Nazis. That never happened. While I enjoyed the feeling of climbing up through all of the madness it just happened rather suddenly and there was little explanation as to why it was going on.

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The Nazi's went crazy because there was an uprising. They didn't know what to do.
It also didn't help that Dierker went insane as well.

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I enjoyed the ending as well - definitely the most memorable bit of the game. It made me wish that there were more moody non-combat sections in the game, rather than the brainless all-action stuff.

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I totally started messing with Dierker, shooting near him.  Then he just committed suicide.  I feel ripped off.

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I thought it was one of the best endings I've played. They aren't masters at sandbox games but when they get the chance to corner the player in a tight space to tailor the experience. Damn.. Couldn't bare myself to run through the end. Only thing that took me out of it was when Dierker repeated "go ahead mechanic! shoot me" twice. Had to kill him to not ruin the mood further.
Oh and when he hit the ground and the tower went "BOOM COLOR!"... They could have gone with end credits right there and I would have been in awe. They could have saved Sean's little speach till after the credits imo.

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