felisleo1980's The Saboteur (Xbox 360) review

Another open world game, but that’s not a bad thing.

The Saboteur takes place in Paris under Nazi occupation in WWII. This third person, open world game is not top of its class, but its different setting makes it worth playing.


Sean Devlin is a former race driver, who is tormented by guilt. In time he learns that a way to make things at least a little bit better is to join the French resistance. Story is quite predictable, but it’s told through quality cutscenes and excellent voice acting. Characters have a nice dose of personality, which doesn’t hurt the overall package.


Structure of the game is like in any other Grand Theft Auto clone. You have a large map and points to locate your missions and other objectives. Closest resemblance this game has to Red Faction: Guerrilla and even the stories are quite similar. What makes The Saboteur a little different is that the areas under Nazi occupation are all black and white. Once you have liberated them they receive their color. This would have been a great innovation, if there were not games like Okami and Prince of Persia. I could go on and on, but the point is that The Saboteur has very little own ideas aside from its setting. This is not a bad thing, because everything works so well that most of the time The Saboteur is a fun game to play.


There are basically four different gameplay types: sneaking, climbing, shooting and blowing stuff up. Sneaking is the worst, because it just makes you watch your minimap all the time and still it fails most of the time. Sneaking is also just an option: most of the time it’s better to just rush in and enjoy the great shooting action. Climbing works, but is nowhere near as fluid as in Assassin’s Creed for example. A regular mission is much like a guerrilla action: go to a designated spot, wait for a while, blow something up, fight your way out and escape. Although it gets quite repetitive the core action is fun enough to keep things moving forward.


Graphics are not brilliant, but they are good enough for an open world game. Sound effects and music are also appropriate, but the voice acting and cutscenes make things a lot better than they would be otherwise. Audio visual presentation is just like The Saboteur as a whole: not great, but good enough to keep you playing.


There’s no multiplayer what so ever, which would have been a nice feature. But as it is there is enough here to make me recommend you to buy The Saboteur. It’s not the best open world game there is, but if you’re interested in the setting then by all means check it out.


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