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The Saboteur Review

It is a shame that EA short-sitedly closed Pandemic Studios, because this game maybe better than any other shows their creativity in all it's spendour and what they were capable of creating.

Set initially before the outbreak of World War II (some early mission) and during the German Occupation of France, "The Sabotoeur lets you take control of Sean Devlin, a hard drinking Irish racecar mechanic.

The Pros:

The game looks fantastic whether your playing in Black And White, or the "inspired" areas in Colour, despite a few graphical flaws the game still looks absolutely terrific and really sells this as being how occupied France may have looked.

I personally loved the gameplay again there were one or two minor flaws with controls, Ai and aiming but nothing too serious to really impact the general gameplay experience, or to stop you being able to enjoy playing.

The Cons:

The voice acting is at times slightly less than convincing especially the accents of the main characters in the game which sometimes dip from recognisable as French to Inspecter Clouseau French. This for me was a minor thing but understand why people could be offput by this.

Enemy AI is on occassional ridiculous, I can run a checkpoint and the chasing soldiers give up within a few hundred yards yet can scuff a car and be chased across Paris, and more often than not escaping is down more to AI incompetance than a requirement to outrun and outthink the enemy.

Overall I really enjoyed this game to a point, but found that the NPC AI was annoying especially on mission, I am giving the game a generous 3.5/5 but that is more for effort than anything else, the game could and should have been better.

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