Did i fail Monkey Island

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So im about 4 hours in, with my last manual save being only 15 minutes into the game, and my auto save after putting everything into the pot. No my quandary, I just mixed everything in the pot on the boat and now i don't have anything to light the fuse with to shoot me onto the island. I have in my innovatory The Pamplets, The Note, Directions to Monkey Island, Cereal Box, Breath Mints, the minutes. I've tried everything in my innovatory on the fire, and i already threw my shirts...books.....quill into the pot. Am i fucked? or is there something on the boat i can use, or can i get back to town?

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I'm pretty sure Monkey Island doesn't have dead ends (that was more a Sierra type of thing), but I can't remember the solution to this puzzle. All I know is that after this is the Island itself, so no going back to town.

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Not sure about the puzzle solution either but you can get yourself out. The beauty of the Lucas Arts games (RIP) are that they didn't screw you over.

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Most Lucas Arts adventure games didnt have an unwinnable state. that happened more in Sierra games. There are a couple games, but you should be good in Monkey Island.

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I think you have things in your inventory that need to also go into the Voodoo Brew. I'm pretty sure that there's no way to screw yourself over there. Once you do the right thing with the pot, then you'll be able to get the fire and get back.

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I already did the pot thing, the green smoke showed up and im at Monkey Island....I just need to launch myself over there. I have the pot, filled the canon with gun powder, and inserted the fuse.

The Hint says to light the papers i have with the fire under the pot, but everything i try to use with the fire wont combine with it to make the thing i need to make the fire. Who knew it would be so hard to make fire. It also says i cant add anything more to the brew. And i already used everything on the boat for the brew. Should of kept that shirt D:

My Entire Innovatory / What it does when i use it on fire

  1. Note - that doesnt seem to work
  2. Magnetic Compas - points to Meele Islan
  3. Pamplet - gives the title
  4. Leaflet - gives the title
  5. Brochure - gives the title
  6. ink - dont think its gonna catch fire
  7. Cereal - Why burn perfectly good food
  8. Wine - I dont think its gonna catch fire
  9. Piece of Paper- Opens the recipe
  10. Cinnimon sticks - I dont think its gonna catch fire
  11. Pot - Only gonna put this on if i reall have to
  12. Piece of Rope - I might need this later

Anyone know where i can get a save to chapter 3 of the special edition? Only i could mess up monkey island

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It's been a hell of a long time since I played this game, so I can't recall from memory, but the FAQs all say to use the map.

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If I remember right, you put a bunch of random things in the canon.

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No, Monkey Island failed you.

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This website will change your life.

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@deegee: Wow, I'm amazed that UHS is still around, thanks for that. I used it a lot 15(?) years ago.

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