Gripes with the new art style?

#1 Posted by ikickrocksyo (22 posts) -

Why am I seeing alot of people hating the new art style of the game? I personally played any of the older point and clicks, so maybe the classic artstyle might not appeal to me as much because it wasn't what I grew up on (as I'm a bit younger, the earliest one I remember playing was Kings Quest 6), but the SE edition to be perfectly fine. Of course the animations are a bit....awkward, and Guybrush looks kinda dumb, but I think the updated graphics only help the atmosphere of the game. Specifically when I love switching the graphics on on the bridge in the town, by the Scumm Bar, just to see the difference. The moon all bright and detailed definitely makes that location all the better...

#2 Posted by JJWeatherman (14804 posts) -

Agreed. Still haven't had the chance to play the game yet but I don't see why anyone would complain. Especially when anyone can just switch back to the old style at any time. Really, how many devs go through the trouble to remake a game and have that kind of functionality these days?

#3 Posted by turbomonkey138 (5281 posts) -

People always hate re makes . They always have and they always will . Just ignore there nerdy comments and enjoy a amazing game .

#4 Posted by Jambones (1726 posts) -

I dislike the new look to be honest.  But as JJWeatherman said, to add the switch feature in was a stroke of genius. They really know how to attract new players, while keeping grumpy gits like me happy!

#5 Posted by MattyFTM (14654 posts) -

I love the new art style. It looks awesome.

#6 Posted by Ineedaname (4276 posts) -

He doesn't look dumb he just looks young =/
I like how it looks anyways.

#7 Posted by 71Ranchero (3240 posts) -

Just a sign of the times. People will find anything to bitch about.

#8 Posted by ikickrocksyo (22 posts) -
@Ineedaname: Even for a young guy his character model looks dumb. I get he's kinda clueless and a wannabe, but I cringe when I see him emoting.

And yea it kinda sucks that they didn't include the voice over work in the classic version. I hope they do if they remake the sequel.
#9 Posted by Cerza (1678 posts) -

The only thing I don't like about the new art style is that the people look like their carved out of wood, but other than that I am fine with it. The only thing that really bothers me about the game to any great length is that you can't get the new voice work when playing with the classic visuals.

#10 Posted by garnsr (97 posts) -

The original characters looked more interesting, I think.  I have no real problem withe the art style, but why don't lips move when they use the close-up shots, but the eyebrows move?  And I agree that the voiceover should be on the original, too.

#11 Posted by PorkLord (53 posts) -

I think Guybrush looks a bit weird, and perhaps a few other characters - the closeup on Governer Marley is off but Fester Shinetop looks pretty cool. I wouldn't have imagined LeChuck that way but goofy characters like Herman Toothrot pull off the style well.

Characters looked OK, but the the environment and scenery was amazing. There was a lot of attention to detail that fans of the original could pick up on and everything looked quite vibrant and colourful. It was cool being able to see stairs through the window of the Governors mansion where previously it was just a tint of yellow. Little things like that were fun.

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