Just Finished - Spoilers after credits

#1 Posted by The_A_Drain (4073 posts) -

Just finished the game, sorry if this is old news already but, at the end of the credits while classic mode says "Turn off your computer and go to sleep" the new art mode flashes "Guybrish WILL return!"

Does this mean the telltale stuff? Narwhal etc, or more remakes perhaps? Either way, as other users did too I also spotted a purple tentacle outside the monkey head, so a possible Day of the Tentacle remake? Honestly I would welcome any and all, this game was fantastic, personally even better than it was all those years ago (especially as I was late to the party, found the graphics hard to get on with, and only got to monkey island before giving up)

#2 Posted by Captain_Insano (1724 posts) -

I'm pretty sure the original Monkey Island (which I played through DosBox not that long ago) also said 'Guybrush will return'

I doubt it refers to the Telltale stuff as they are pretty much two seperate projects. Perhaps they were just sticking true to the original credits and how they were presented

#3 Posted by The_A_Drain (4073 posts) -

Possibly, but they were presented in a totally different style and names appeared at different times, the original credits are pink text on black, these are white on black with pictures of the items on top, and "Guybrush WILL return" was flashing rather than plaintext.
#4 Posted by CptFishstick (61 posts) -

Big chance this is actually altered for the Special Edition. We still got Le Chuck's Revenge, you know. I tottaly see them making that one in a special edition too.
So maybe next summer or this christmas and Guybrush will have grown a nice beard by then.

#5 Posted by PorkLord (53 posts) -

I really think this could be indication of a remake of LeChuck's Revenge, all of the credits were formatted for the appropriate version so I don't think they would have put that in as clear and bold as it is without meaning something.

Which makes me pants happy.

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