My opinion on Special Edition+ Leaderboard rankings

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It took me over 13 hours to beat the game on my first try. I can't fathom how anyone could beat this game without assistance. There were too many cases when I would be revisiting the same places over and over again, with not so much as an inkling of what I should be doing to proceed.

The solutions were just so obscure sometimes. Even one of the first sections, when you need to walk over a plank to force a bird off a platform, was too complicated. There wasn't any sign that there was a loose plank there. I was able to figure that one out quickly, but there were many more sections that I couldn't figure out.

I mean... I didn't even know that the totem pole opened the gate, and I sure as hell didn't realize that you needed the monkey to hold the nose down. And there were also situations when the verb system was counterintuitive, like when you need to launch yourself off the ship to Monkey Island. I kept trying to light the fuse, then put the pot on Guybrush's head, since I thought it should be done in the correct order. After about 20 minutes (or more) of tediously walking back and forth gather gun powder and ropes to use in the cannon, I discovered that I just needed to put the pot on his head. wtf.

Also, I wandered through the catacombs for far too long (I don't even want to know specifically how long) before using the hint system to find out what I was doing wrong. Apparently, I was supposed to know that I couldn't navigate the catacombs without a decapitated head.

I really wanted to enjoy this game. It was charming, well written, and funny, much better than most games in that regard, but I thought it was overly complicated and expected too much foresight from players. Then again, I'm not very good at video games, so what do I know.

But still, on my third play through, I got 89th place for the Xbox 360 version. How did you guys fare?
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@lolwot said:
" I can't fathom how anyone could beat this game without assistance. "
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@JeffGoldblum said:
" @lolwot said:
" I can't fathom how anyone could beat this game without assistance. "
Memorization. "
lol, well yeah, that's what I've done, but I mean specifically on the first attempt.
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The game only has a leaderboard because it's a requirement for all XBLA games, microsoft will not accept an XBLA game without fully working leaderboards and netcode, and other unimportant shit single player games shouldn't be forced to worry about.

So I wouldn't pay too much attention to leaderboards for single player games. They usually revolve around time because thats the easiest way to do it.

As for how people do it so quickly, memorisation mostly.

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